Thursday, January 19, 2012

Edamame Hummus

I love edamame (soy beans). I haven't eaten much outside of sushi restaurants recently because I bought a bag of frozen shelled edamame and well they were gross. I bought 2 bags, a two for deal, the second bag has been sitting in my freezer for way too long. I saw a recipe recently for edamame hummus, YUM I thought, I read the recipe and peas were in the ingredients, YUCK. (If that is something that appeals to you here is that recipe: at Yum Sugar.) If there is one vegetable I loathe it is peas, so much so I pick every single one of them out my fried rice. I absolutely loathe peas. Instead of peas I used garbanzos, you know what your run of the mill hummus is made from. It's pretty tasty if you ask me, even though this particular edamame is sub par by itself.

Absolutely horrible and unappetizing picture, what you get is greenish hummus with a good edamame taste added.

I don't really follow a recipe when I make hummus, for this I used a cup of cooked garbanzos and a bag of frozen shelled edamame, it was a pretty big bag, at least 2 cups, I steamed them and added them, the garbanzos, some cooking liquid, and some tahini to a food processor. Blended until it was a consistency I like and added some season salt, cumin, and pepper to taste.

I ate half of it with slices of toasted garlic sourdough, my brother is coming by Saturday to try it and bringing some pita chips. (I LOVE PITA CHIPS) My brother is kinda like Mikey, he likes everything, that's why I am not waiting to post this until after I get his opinion.

If you are an edamame and hummus lover like me, make yourself some of this and enjoy it!!

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