Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Confession

Let's try something shall we. A weekly (or less if needed) confessional of things that we do that we aren't exactly happy about. Little things, big things, whatever kind of things you wanna get off your chest. I'll lead the confessional.

So here is my first one. I am a very eco-conscious person and do and try many things to make small and big changes. One of the easiest things by far is reusable bags, I have a good number in my car and I use them all the time but some how under my sink still looks like this:

And I have another stash in my extra closet. I forget now and then, forget to ask paper. Most are from stops at non grocery stores, Target, the liquor store, places where bringing your own bag is still somewhere you get looks for doing it. I really need to get past this. Under my sink could be used for much better things than this.

Have anything you want to share as a confession?

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