Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Confession Jan 15

First on the last confession. I made a plastic bag holder so it looks a lot more put together and not as WTF I have way too many plastic bags.

I realize it still is the same amount of bags and something I need to work on but it looks prettier. It was super easy to sew together and if you have even the basic of sewing skills it is totally a diy you could do. It has a elastic opening on the top to stuff in the bags and one on the bottom to pull bags out one by one. I googled plastic bag holder tutorial to get ideas and quickly sewed one up. We use plastic bags for cat litter and as a trash can liner in one bathroom and the kitchen. In our apartment lease agreement it is stated that we have to do this. Especially for the cat litter. Garbage must be in plastic bags. I doubt we would have any issues with taking unlined cans out to the dumpster, we don't create a lot of garbage,  maybe 1 grocery store sized bag a week, and it is all pretty much dry garbage since I compost. Maybe at some point if I get our garbage production down even more I will think about not using liners.

Onto a new confession: When we eat out at the cheap fast yet fresh wok Chinese food I often get the noodles on the side. The problem, I am vegan, and I while I haven't asked I am pretty sure they are egg noodles (and even possibly made with chicken broth)!!!

I am sorry I just have no self control with these noodles. I haven't found good vegan Lo Mein noodles close to home or even at the store to make myself. I think I will try using bean threads as a traditional Lo Mein noodle substitute. I really love bean threads and I make them in a soup all the time. 

If anyone has an easy yummy and vegan (perhaps besides the noodles) Lo Mein recipe, send  it my way please, mostly the sauce/flavor they get on the noodles, I would greatly appreciate that. Mmmm now I am getting hungry again but that is a whole other confession, maybe for a different Sunday.

As last time, feel free to confess anything on your mind. It feels good to share and commiserate or even better talk about this stuff with other people.

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