Monday, June 6, 2011

Back update

I got my stitches removed today and she said it looked really good and looks like I won't have much of a scar either. She sounded very very very pleased with the way it looked. I won't lie, I was beyond nervous about getting the stitches out, why? No idea I just was, fortunately I knew I was being completely irrational. Now that I had it done I say, can you do it again? Not put the stitches back in and then take them out but that sensation I got when she was taking them out, it was like a good scratch hitting the spot perfectly. I really had to suppress a pleasurable moan, it felt so fucking good. I had to suppress a few moans, after she took them out when she cleaned the area and when she applied something to make the steri-strips stick well. So I am all stitches and *almsot* tape free, I can barely feel the steri-strips and they aren't anywhere near where the tape from the bandage had been. I guess I won't know if I they bother me like tape does for a few day. I would assume not as much because I won't be applying and removing them everyday. Here's what I have right now. The discoloration is what was applied to help the strips adhere better.

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