Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sports girl through and through

The theme for June's NaBloPoMo is fan. So let's get this started shall we.

"Are you a fan of a sports team? When did you become a fan?"

I am a fan of a few sports teams, a lot actually, typical me, fingers in almost every pie. Let's start with baseball, the team sport I've been a fan of for the longest. Here have some picture proof:
Me and my brother in our 1986 Mets champion shirts! Grew up in San Diego so the Padres were the team we went to the most, we had season tickets for a lot of the 90's. I somehow became a fan of the Dodgers as well. When I was around 12 I got a Brooklyn Dodgers throwback jacket for having perfect attendance in school! WOO!! My parents grew up in New York, I wasn't just a So Cal girl who somehow became interested in NY teams. I'd say those are the 3 baseball teams I keep and eye on the most. In recent years I haven't followed baseball as much, the steroids issues coming out really got to me, all the guys me and/or my brother idolized were roiding, kinda took the fun out of the game. Have been watching it more this season and am really enjoying it. Baseball fandom here I come again.

Not sure when it happened but I am also a hockey fan. First team would be the minor minor (or something like that) league team the San Diego Gulls. The first NHL team I became a fan of were the San Jose Sharks when they formed in 1991. In college my best friends boyfriend (now husband) was a Red Wings fan so I spent a lot of those years rooting for them. I like a lot of other teams as well, might be easier to list the teams I don't like in truth. Since the finals start today I will say I do like the Canucks, would love to see them hoist the cup, hockey and Canada does it get better than that (in North America, cause those Russians and Europeans and all those other geographical areas I could butcher love their hockey too). To be honest I totally fangirl hockey goalies. It is totally their bendy/stretchyness and their obvious head issues, I mean who in their right mind would willingly put themselves in front of a net where guys shoot frozen rubber pucks at them! I am drawn to craziness just a fact of my life! Hey I am just a ball of female hormones, I will fangirl to my hearts content, call me on it all you want, I admit it! Hehe. Doesn't make me any less of a fan, just a fan with some ~other interests while watching the sport.

Speaking of I never really followed a team or the sport really, I would read articles here and there, have known about it and all that good stuff for years. Ignited a bit more by David Beckham of course, have you seen him, finer with age if you ask me?! World Cup 2010 though immersed me into the lovely world of soccer (football for almost everyone else). I became a fan of the Spanish National Team, good choice I'd say as they won and all. I chose them because I am a big fan of quite a few Spanish tennis players and naturally they were rooting for their countries team so I joined the bandwagon, got to get your start somewhere, no? Once the seasons started I watched for a few months and chose some teams, Real Madrid and Arsenal. With soft spots for Liverpool and Chelsea, I know I know...hey I said fangirling...haha. They are quite fit men and again just a ball of female hormones here, what am I suppose to do pretend I watch it only for the love of the sport, nope, don't get me wrong I love the sport but I can't help but love the men who play it.

I've always been a sports girl, just part of who I have always been and that won't be changing anytime soon.

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  1. Always loved sport myself since I was a child couldn't imagine living my life without sport being in it, oh yeah the men help as well lol.