Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm a reader

*Which author made you want to be a writer (or blogger)?*

I know what reader made me a reader and love books. That would be my mom. I remember spending a lot of time in the library at elementary school looking at books. The first *real* (as in a more grown up) book I remember reading was The Hobbit when I was ten. A few years later my mom had me read Interview with a Vampire before she took me to see the movie. I've always been a reader because my mom is a reader.

My blog just came out of my interest in other peoples lives and wanting to let people get to know me and my interests. I started with a LiveJournal so many many years ago. I liked to see what other people thought and felt and felt weird not repaying the favor. At some point I wanted to change from journal like entries and made this blog. I had read a few and I can't remember all of them but I know Allie's Answers, now The Greenists and Ashley's Our Little Apartment were definitely two that lead me to blogging. I am pretty sure those are 2 I have been following the longest and I still enjoy every single post. I love how both have progressed into something more and both so inspiring. I think the real turning point of me and this endevour into blogging sprouted from me becoming more eco-aware and I didn't feel like LiveJournal really gave me an outlet for what I wanted share and I was getting most of my inspiration from. So here I am today writing in this blog.

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