Sunday, June 5, 2011


I usually shower two or three times a week and wash my hair twice a week, if that. One thing I have had to do because of my mole and all that stuff is to shower daily. I absolutely hate it. Hate it. HATE IT, but the differences I have noticed will amaze you. So I will discuss them here:


To be fair Rich might try and argue that I smell better, which to be fair I probably do, but I never really smelled all that bad on a regular basis and you know he is the only person that gets *that* close to me. I haven't been washing my hair more often, probably less often actually. No change there. Oh wait I am wrong there is one big difference, I am spending a hell of a lot more money on soaps and lotions! I've gone through a whole bar of soap, it usually takes me MONTHS to go through a bar of soap. I have also gone through a whole bottle of lotion, which also usually only needs replacing after a few months. Usually I only wash my face every day or two or when I wear make-up and even though I have been washing it daily there isn't a difference. I don't have less or more breakouts or dryness issues or anything. Seriously I haven't noticed a thing that would make me want to keep up with daily showering when I don't have a wound that necessitates daily cleaning. That's good news and I don't have to change my name from mudnessa!

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