Sunday, June 12, 2011


I don't plan on planting much of anything this year. I was so full of fail last year it really doesn't seem worth it. I got plants to grow but they never fruited and I wasn't able to harvest much of anything. Even my sage and rosemary died last year, I believe I had had those two plants for a few years and then just dead.

I might dig out (of the storage closet) my little box of seed packets and see what herb seeds I have left and maybe plant some basil and thyme but I don't use those herbs really so they would just be for pretty. I think I have some cinnamon basil left and they have really pretty flowers. I actually had a very nice lady from India that lives in the apartments knock on my door last year and ask if she could have the flowers. She wanted to use them in some ceremony which she does every year and usually doesn't have access to the flowers she wants to use which just happened to be my cinnamon basil flowers I guess, or something similar. I told her to take as much as she wanted, it was really nice to have someone be able to use something I grew.

I wish I had a more appropriate place to grow plants but my tiny little patio just doesn't cut it. I would guess the main problem of the fruiting is pollination, there is just nothing around to pollinate any of the plants because the complex is so afraid of everything. They have an exterminator visit at least weekly and it seems they just kill everything. I really wish I had a hose with even a small yard I could just cover in plants and grow a lot of delicious veggies, because I do love veggies, especially delicious home grown veggies.

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